Friday, July 11, 2014

Early Summer

I Question not if thrushes Sing, If roses load the air; Beyond my heart I need not reach when all is summer there.

~ John Vance Cheney

Enjoy this beautiful summer!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Do you battle insecurity?

Good Morning Sunshine!

I mean You and the one shining outside my window. I haven't shared a post with you in quite some time but I just finished a book that I would like to recommend. I buy a lot of books. I first attempt to purchase them used on Amazon but many times am too impatient to wait for the delivery so I just buy with one click and have it sent whisper fast to my kindle for Mac. ;-)That is a dangerous icon, it is way too easy.....The problem is that when I want to share it with a friend or family member I can't because it is stuck on my hard drive so I prefer the old fashioned hard copies.

This one will be passed to one of my daughters and hopefully on from there. It is one that I think the majority of us desperately need to read. It is by Beth Moore and titled So Long Insecurity,  you've been a bad friend to us.

As women we struggle in our modern society for self worth and purpose and we have an uphill battle.
Rick and I raised our girls with as much positive affirmation and security as we could. I thought that no parents could have tried harder to assure their girls of their invaluable worth and our unconditional love, yet hey still battle insecurity. I personally feel I am the Queen of it. I know many of you would contest that and battle me for the crown.

You may not be a reader of Christian books but this is not just for people who normally are, it is for all women who know deep down they have fears and insecurities that effect the way they feel and act and perceive themselves. Many have had their security torn away from them at an early age in some way and still many, like my daughters, have learned just from being born (however much a lie it is) that they just don't feel they measure up to even their own expectations.

You can find the book here for a few dollars used here on Amazon and if you are willing to wait a few days for a hardcopy, I think you will be glad you did.

I wish you a beautiful day!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Grocery Store Rose Arrangement

February is merely as long as is needed to pass the time until March. ~J.R. Stockton

Only one more week in February. I am so excited not only because the hubster and I are taking our first real vacation trip ever but even better, Spring has to be just around the corner. The trip we are taking is to Cancun Mexico. It is our 30th Anniversary and like I said, never been anywhere other than to visit fam in New York and Florida for vacations. I am excited and of course a bit nervous having only ever left the country to go to Canada and that is like, attached. Maybe I'll find something cool to share in the way of home making in the midst of Fantasy Island. Don't expect posts on the white sandy beaches and fancy plated dinners cause lets face it, no one wants to see your pictures from some tropical place when you are snowed and iced in up to your pituty.

I am also pretty excited to share this post today cause it was inspired by a series I did last year on arranging grocery store flowers using tulips and it was one of my most pinned on Pinterest and I have heard more people tell me they have used the ideas to add some beauty to their homes when it is dreary outside and this is the longest sentence I have ever written.

How many of us got grocery store roses for valentines day? It is so precious when our Loves finally buy them on the one week they double the price and they are already a week old when they come into our home. We still love them but I want to share a way to arrange them into a bit more unique arrangement than the vase they came in and also it will revive them and give you many more days to enjoy them than you would have if you just left them as is.
Now I realize it is way past Valentines at this point but the bright side is the roses are now back to half the price, about $10 a bundle in my grocery store.
This is also a kind of tutorial on how to use wet floral foam to arrange flowers so without further a-do and more blabber here goes.....
These are the roses that my hubby got me on the 13th of Feb. He likes me to have them for the entire day so he brings them home the night before or has them sent early on Valentines day. This is probably a couple of days later and you can see the dried leaves and curling edges of the roses. We are about to revive these lovelies so read on.
This is a piece of floral foam that I have used previously. I placed it in my sink and filled up the sink to cover and let it soak.
I chose a terra cotta pot cause everyone probably has one of these hanging around and it will do but a better container would be a glass or ceramic bowl. It would hold the moisture much better but even this will work. Make sure you have a saucer under it though.
After your foam is soaked full of water you are going to want to trim it to fit into your container, leaving it slightly raised above the rim. I use a bread knife and cut as little as possible off in order to make it fit the container.
The purpose of this photo is to show you the next step if you are using a glass or ceramic container. Floral tape will not stick to terra cotta so you have to rely on a tight fit to keep it secure but on glass a simple criss cross of floral tape will keep your foam anchored.
I was not very good in snapping pics of how I actually put the stems into the container so you will have to rely on the finished product and my instructions. The roses usually come with a couple sprigs of something and babies breath. Just enough that you want to keep it but not enough that it even looks good. I cut the couple green sprigs apart into 2-3" pieces and the Babies Breath as well.
Each rose was cut to only 3-4" removing all the leaves. Now the fun part. You insert all your roses into the floral foam. I put the longer stems in the middle and then tapered them down to cover the entire opening of the pot then tucked in sprigs to fill the vacant spots. It is beautiful left just like this. I wanted to use the entire bouquet so I also included the Babies Breath. I just tucked it in wherever.
This is my finished project. Today is day 9 since these came to my home and cutting the stems short allowed a fresh insurge of water and they looked gorgeous for the next week. They would have lasted maybe a couple more days had I not recut and created this.
Just make sure your foam stays wet and enjoy. With the terra cotta I could only drizzle a little water on top each day because it would just run into the saucer so next time I will use a less porous container that I would rarely have to even water but I can't imagine these would last any longer than they did.

I wish you a cozy rest  of the month and will check in after we return from our trip. I have a new and better Ranch dressing recipe to share with you and the best Greek salad one ever. I have been eating a lot of salads wishing for Spring so check back for those.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once. ~Jennifer Yane

Well here it is February and where have I been all January?? ?You tell me and we'll both know. I am so busy all day I don't have a spare minute except for those few 6-8 hours every day where I am doing stuff like forgetting what I'm doing and checking in on my e-mail for a couple hours realizing I need a new bathroom fixture because my lipstick application is approaching clown status in there. Then I have to look at every fixture on the internet to pick the perfect one, which I won't buy until I then research the cheapest price and check Craigslist for an even better vintage cheaper one and then finally make the decision to buy the original one only to find it is no longer available. I am so so busy.

My post earlier on how to accomplish some positive changes in my life, aka: New Year's Resolutions is working out just fine. I have pretty much succeeding in doing the least that I can possibly do in all areas of my life that need improvement in order to at least do something more than I was currently doing. Yes, it is as pathetic as it sounds on paper. For some reason January has found me at the end of every day wondering what I did all day that kept me so busy and why is nothing done. Maybe I should just wear chap stick.

I miss posting for you. I miss hearing from you. I have to prioritize my life. Either clean that gross bathroom and those dried puppy pee spots or blog. Obviously I'm blogging.

I have actually started a few posts of the most awesome stuff you need to know and see and do but they are not finished as of yet but as I live and breathe they are staying on that New Year's resolutions list.
I wanted to leave you with something besides a rant so I have a wonderful useful beautiful fragrant breath of summer to share.

I love cooking with fresh herbs and even just smelling them and all the different leaf textures just make me experience summer even when there is 2 no make that 4-5 feet of snow. Purchasing those little packages at the grocery store can get very expensive so I found I would skip it even if it was on my list and opt for dried. This is a serious compromise to a meal. I can barely look at great food without gaining a pound so if I'm gonna actually eat it shouldn't be a party in my mouth?

 My grocery store carries little potted fresh herbs in the produce department. The selection is not extensive and the pots are small along with the precious little plants but they are also organic and cost less then $3 each. I just pick up a one or two of these even when they are not on my list and treat them as house plants. I repot them in little clay pots and they are my sub for fresh flowers. I also have fresh herbs to use when I cook. They are not as hardy in the winter time but inexpensive enough to replace as needed.

Here is my little collection with a pictorial tutorial along with  one I potted up as a hostess gift for a friend in clay pot painted with chalk board paint.
clay pots and light weight potting mix

The little pedestal is from H&Ms home collection. 

Thanks for stopping by and keep warm my friends. 
Hugs, Wanda

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