Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Stuff of Christmas

This year I went out and purchased a pre-lit artificial Christmas tree. This goes against all my Christmas decorating genes. Fake anything that is supposed to be real wreaks of, lets just say, fakness. I have decided to compromise my decorating standards in favor of convenience and saving the money I would have spent on fading greenery to invest in things that will last more than just a month. 
I still like to make my Christmas tree and decor look as beautiful as possible and tuck some real elements in with the fake to give it a more natural "real" look and feel. I use pine cones and twigs and though I did not do this yet this year, a hand full of actual evergreen branches tucked strategically would work beautifully to accomplish this. 
Stuffing is how I hide the metal bones of my tree. I use piles of hydrangea (yes, fake this year) to tuck in and fill in the empty spaces. When it comes to the base I found that my tree skirt didn't do much to hide the skinny metal trunk so instead I used a large burlap bag to set the tree in and tied the bag up to cover. 

Next decor item that I stuffed are my stockings. I made my stockings from a Martha Stewart pattern found in an issue of Living many years ago. I don't have a fireplace to display them during the season but want to enjoy them for more than just Christmas day. One way to display is to stuff them with polyester stuffing and they sit on my sofas as mini pillows. 

Well, there you have it, The "stuff" of Christmas. Hope you are enjoying your holiday season. Thanks so much for stopping by. Have a wonderful week!


  1. It looks fantastic, Wanda. I have always used artificial because I am mega allergic to the real stuff.

  2. How luvly Wanda. I have to use the faux as I/ we are allergic to the real thing :-( . I too stuff mine with some real things to make the faux more real. This year I am using Magnolia ( my never ending luv affair with the Magnolia lives on) and some holly berry bushes.

  3. You really know how to make a fake tree look fabulous! I wouldn't have even known it was fake. Your decorations are perfect for it. And those stockings?? So Cute!!

    : )

  4. That tree, as "fake" as it is, is gorgeous! The hydrangeas are a fabulous idea, and the burlap is perfect. I love it!


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